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Looking for the perfect STEM classroom activity?

Promotes STEM Learning

Increases Class Engagement

Affordable & Easy to Use

Why is PasTEX perfect?

STEM in the classroom is a great way to encourage students to find creative solutions to problems. Teachers play an important role in preparing students for life ahead and ensuring they have the skills necessary to succeed.

Finding STEM activities for your classroom shouldn't break the bank. PasTEX is an affordable way to introduce your students to building and design. By using spaghetti as the main building material, PasTEX is an inexpensive alternative to high priced STEM building toys. And, since a little PasTEX goes a long way, students can even work on individual building projects. 

Like you, we are frustrated with the options of reasonably priced and engaging STEM toys for teachers to choose from.

That's why we invented one that both teachers and students love!

See why teachers love using PasTEX in their classrooms...

"My school teacher daughter snatched it up as soon as she saw it and will probably buy more for her second-grade class. She was totally excited about using spaghetti noodles. Teachers use an extraordinarily large amount of their own money on their children and this will provide a lot of STEM education with very little cost to replenish."

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

“Great tool for building! This is such a cool tool! It opened up a whole new level of construction in the classroom, and took away the frustration of trying to secure pieces together. A lot of fun!”

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

Why  Build With Spaghetti?

Spaghetti is a perfect building material because it's inexpensive and simple to break without the need for additional cutting tools. Using PasTEX Connectorz to connect pieces of spaghetti together, you can create an unlimited number of amazing creations. Bend, twist, and stack Connectorz to create even the most complex spaghetti connections.

Create anything you can imagine - from simple shapes and figures to soaring spaghetti towers, spanning spaghetti bridges, and other monumental spaghetti creations.

Put your imagination to work with the unique and innovative PasTEX Spaghetti Connection System.

Flexible Pricing

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PasTEX Connectorz 3x120° or 4x90°

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Buy Both

PasTEX Connectorz 3x120° and 4x90° and Save!

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Buy in Bulk

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*Spaghetti sold separately at most grocery stores, but check your pantry first ... you probably have some in there already.


What kind of spaghetti should I use?

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