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Stem education


A completely new twist on STEM building toys!

Great introduction to STEM, Engineering, and Design

Engage creativity & imagination through
mindful play

Improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination

What is PasTEX?

Simply put, it's a spaghetti building toy! Using our innovative plastic connectors with dry, uncooked spaghetti, you can create an unlimited number of amazing spaghetti structures. Create anything you can imagine - from simple shapes and figures, to soaring towers, spanning bridges, and monumental marvels. ​

Not just any STEM building toy!

We believe learning and having fun should go hand-in-hand. That's why we created PasTEX Connectorz!  Our project instructions are more than just a list of steps to follow. Our directions are loaded with information to help builders learn why they are doing what they are doing

Help your kids develop a love of learning and discovery with this truly unique STEM building toy.

Why Build With Spaghetti?

Spaghetti is a perfect building material because it's inexpensive and simple to break without the need for additional cutting tools. Using PasTEX Connectorz to connect pieces of spaghetti together, you can create an unlimited number of amazing creations. Bend, twist, and stack Connectorz to create even the most complex spaghetti connections.

Create anything you can imagine - from simple shapes and figures to soaring spaghetti towers, spanning spaghetti bridges, and other monumental spaghetti creations.

Put your imagination to work with the unique and innovative PasTEX Spaghetti Connection System.

What type of spaghetti should I use? 

Step 1: Design It

Step 2: Build It

Step 3: Love It

See what a recent parent had to say about their experience...

"Super fun way to encourage children to be creative and problem solve right at the dining room table. We have had so much fun as a family on Friday nights working together building pasta structures. My 15-year-old son especially loved it! He figured it out really quickly and built a rocket for his toddler brother. I would definitely recommend it for any kids like mine who like to build things."

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The Science is in!

Studies suggest that educational STEM building toys can help children develop...

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • spatial reasoning

  • cognitive flexibility

  • language skills

  • a capacity for creative, divergent thinking

  • social competence

  • engineering skills

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