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How to build with spaghetti and PasTEX

Building with spaghetti and PasTEX is easy! Simply snap spaghetti into each connector or slide it through the center hole. PasTEX Connectorz grip spaghetti firmly to create strong, long-lasting connections. No glue required! Bend, twist, and stack Connectorz to create even the most complex spaghetti connections.

What type of spaghetti should I use? 

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Helpful tips to get you started

  • Connectorz work well with most brands of spaghetti. To find the best fit, look for products that are specifically labeled “Spaghetti”. The ideal diameter is between 1.75mm and 2.0mm if you want to get really technical.

  • Use your fingers to break spaghetti to the desired length. Squeeze the spaghetti tightly between the tip of your thumb and index finger to get the most accurate break. Scissors and nail clippers also work very well to get an exact length.

  • Use measured pieces of spaghetti as templates when you need a lot of identical pieces. Apply a piece of tape to each template with the length (or part mark) written on it. Use the templates to create duplicate pieces during construction.

  • Be patient. You’re going to break a few pieces of spaghetti (when you aren’t trying to). Try to avoid pushing spaghetti through Connectorz. Always try to PULL spaghetti though Connectorz.

  • Plan ahead! Really think about what you want to make and how you want to build it. Draw some sketches to help you figure out where to start.

  • To make your creation look even cooler use scissors or nail clippers to remove the sides of the Connectorz that you don’t need.

  • Use a pair of tweezers to get into those hard to reach areas.

  • Use a drop of super glue at each connection to make them permanent.

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