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About Us!

The origin of PasTEX (päs-teks - like Pasta!) can be traced back to my childhood living room. I have always enjoyed building stuff.  My favorite toys growing up were Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, etc...; anything related to building.  Often times it was just as much fun building with items that could be found around the house.  Not only did using household items test and ignite my imagination, but my parents also loved the price - free! Like so many kids, I would build with spaghetti using marshmallows, glue, or tape to connect the pieces.  I would spend hours each day building spaghetti bridges, towers, and other creations.  This was a passion that I passed along to my children. 
After noticing my kids’ enthusiasm begin to fade as their imaginations exceeded the limits of building with spaghetti and marshmallows, it became clear that there’s only so much you can build with using marshmallows. They are large and pretty unreliable for building. Delicious? Yes. Practical? Not so much. 
Spaghetti on the other hand? Perfect! It’s affordable and always seems to be in stock in the pantry!  It’s also a remarkable building material; amazingly strong, but also very easy to break without any tools.
After a lot of thought, I decided to create a small, snap-on, connector that would provide strength and flexibility, allowing builders to create bigger and better spaghetti models. After a couple of years designing and testing various prototypes, the perfect PasTEX connector was finally ready for production.  A connector that can be bent, twisted, stacked, and grouped together to create almost any spaghetti connection you can think of!  With their slim, streamlined design, PasTEX connectors allow builders to appreciate their creations without being overshadowing by the connector itself. They also let creators experience a sense of engineering, with every connection being precise and purposeful. 
PasTEX connectors are simple enough for younger children to easily attach with their little fingers but also versatile enough for older builders to create extraordinary structures.  PasTEX makes spaghetti building enjoyable again, for all ages!

Joel S.
Creator of PasTEX

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