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Stem Education


A more affordable building toy

A mindful alternative to video games

A more eco-friendly building toy


We all love building toys, But we don't love their prices!

Building toys can be really expensive. Our solution is to create a toy that lets you build with stuff you already have - Spaghetti! By using an inexpensive household staple like spaghetti, PasTEX is a budget-friendly alternative to other expensive STEM building toys.

Too Many Electonics,Not Enough Mindful Play

There's no doubt that video games are fun; put a child in front of a video game and they'll likely play it for hours. Given the oppurtunuty, they would likely play with hands-on toys too. The trick is to introduce them to more engaging, educational toys before they become too attached to video games and electronics.

We know that limiting our children's exposure to electronics can be difficult. Offering a fun, mindful alternative like PasTEX can make the transition a lot easier!

A love of learning is developed when children are young.

Don't miss that opportunity! Providing fun and engaging alternatives to screen time can ignite your child's creativity and imagination.

Spaghetti is a perfect building material because it's inexpensive and simple to break without the need for additional cutting tools. Using PasTEX Connectorz to connect pieces of spaghetti together, you can create an unlimited number of amazing creations. Bend, twist, and stack Connectorz to create even the most complex spaghetti connections.​

Create anything you can imagine - from simple shapes and figures to soaring spaghetti towers, spanning spaghetti bridges, and other monumental spaghetti creations.

Put your imagination to work with the unique and innovative PasTEX Spaghetti Connection System.

Why  Build With Spaghetti?

See what other parents are saying...

"Our family loves PasTEX. Super fun way to encourage children to be creative and problem solve right at the dining room table. We have had so much fun as a family on Friday nights working together building structures. My 15-year-old son especially loved it!"

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

"Great Christmas gift for my kiddos (aged 7 and 8). They'll get some good use of it on those winter days when they're stuck indoors."

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

"Yeah! No sticky marshmallows! Works really well with spaghetti noodles. Easy to assemble. Kids love using them ... most importantly I love them ... and dislike sticky marshmallows!"

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

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