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Engaging STEM building toys should be affordable for you and your customers.

Let’s face it, building toys are expensive! Because we use spaghetti as our main building material, PasTEX is a low cost STEM building toy that fits your budget.

What is PasTEX?


PasTEX is the first, and only building toy designed to connect uncooked spaghetti into any structure you can imagine.

Why spaghetti?

It’s simple. Spaghetti is...

  • environmentally friendly

  • affordable

  • easy to find (Sold separately at most grocery stores)

  • simple to break without tools

This makes spaghetti the perfect building material. For decades, parents, teachers, and children have been building spaghetti models with marshmallows. PasTEX Connectorz will help them take their building to a new level!

Unlike Other  

Proven Market Demand

Competitive Bulk Pricing

See What Customers are Saying About PasTEX Connectorz 

"Our family loves PasTEX. Super fun way to encourage children to be creative and problem solve right at the dining room table. We have had so much fun as a family on Friday nights working together building structures. My 15-year-old son especially loved it!"

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

"Great Christmas gift for my kiddos (aged 7 and 8). They'll get some good use of it on those winter days when they're stuck indoors."

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

"Yeah! No sticky marshmallows! Works really well with spaghetti noodles. Easy to assemble. Kids love using them ... most importantly I love them ... and dislike sticky marshmallows!"

Recent Amazon Purchase Review

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