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Build a Simple Ferris Wheel - For Tinkerers (8+)

Follow these instructions to create a simple Ferris Wheel model. This is a great introduction to PasTEX and a perfect challenge for younger builders.


Part List:


Cuticle Clippers




10 - 3X120H

12 - 4X90H *Remove one side from each connector with clippers.


6 - 2"

1 - 3"1/2

28 - 3" *You can cut several pieces of spaghetti at the same time using scissors.

4 - 4"


Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 1
Step 1 - Cut the required spaghetti and Connectorz and get everything organized.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 2
Step 2 - Connect (3) 3" pieces of spaghetti to a 3X120H connector.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 3
Step 3 - Add a 3X90H (cut from 4X90H) to the end of each piece of 3" spaghetti. Make 4 of these assemblies in total.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 4
Step 4 - Use the 3"1/2 piece of spaghetti to join two of the assemblies made in Steps 2 & 3 as shown. Slide the 3"1/2 piece of spaghetti though the center holes so the spaghetti sticks out 1/2". Tip - Twist the spaghetti while you are pushing it through the center hole to help it move easier.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 5
Step 5 - Add (6) pieces of 3" spaghetti around the outside as shown to create one side of the Ferris Wheel.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 6
Step 6 - Add (6) pieces of 2" spaghetti to the center hole of each 3X90H as shown. Don't worry that they don't point straight up. Everything will come together when connecting the opposite side in the next step.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 7
Step 7 - Repeat Steps 4 & 5 on the opposite side and then connect the 2" pieces of spaghetti added in Step 6. The 3"1/2 piece of spaghetti should stick past each side of the wheel about 1/2". You may need to adjust the sides a little to make everything straight.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 8
Step 8 - Use (4) 3X120H Connectorz and 4 3" pieces of spaghetti to create a square base as shown.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 9
Step 9 - Add the 4" pieces of spaghetti as shown.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 10
Step 10 - Connect the ends of the 4" pieces of spaghetti using (2) 3X120H connectors.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel - Step 11
Step 11 - Slide the center piece of spaghetti from the wheel through the center hole of the 3X120 connectors added in Step 10.

Spaghetti Ferris Wheel
Step 12 - Sit back and enjoy your work! Great job. Give it a spin.


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